Universal Joint HJ-Y-01

Universal Joint HJ-Y-01


The universal joint from Atomrobot adopts a modular design as a whole, with a compact structure and easy installation. It is not only suitable for the scene of continuous one-way rotation, but also suitable for the scene of continuous reciprocating rotation.

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1. Detachable design: various components such as bearings can be easily disassembled and replaced, and the maintenance cost is low.
2. Adjustable pre-tightening force: the combined bearing scheme is used with an adjustable mechanism, and the pre-tightening force of the bearing can be adjusted according to the usage conditions, taking into account both precision and service life.
3. Pin connection: The shaft hole and cylindrical pin are used to fix the connection with the driving and driven parts, and the torque transmission is reliable.

Product Parameters

Type Allowable



Operating Angle

Static Tensile

Failure Load



GD2 Weight Material Surface


HJ-Y-01 1800r/m 900 7840N 11.6N.m 0.044kg.cm2 190g 304 Sandblasting

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