Sorting and Orientation of Screw

Screws are conveyed to industrial camera area
Recognized and detected by vision system
Picked and placed into silo by delta robot
Automation process completed

Speed 30 ppm/sets
Save 2 labors
Efficiency + 120%
ROI:11 months

● 01 Packing Machine Output
● 02 Visual Inspection
● 03 Robotic Pick and Place
● 04 Sorting in AUTO Industry

Sorting of AUTO Parts

Delta robot move to the place above the storage bin, colse to the objects
2 suctions cups(vacuum nest) take the objects to the camera
Move in horizontal direction let sensor check the object OK/NG, move the No. 1 suction cup to the placing position. No. 1 suction cup disconnect the vacuum, the object drop-up-move horizontally. No. 2 suction cup disconnect the vacuum, the object drop-up-next step

● Speed 50 ppm/set
● One robot saves 2 labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Robotic Pick and Place in AUTO
● 02 Automatic Sorting
● 03AI Visually Recognizes the Position of Stacked Materials