01 Based on Linux+Xenomai real-time environment

Strong real-time extension of Linux kernel with dual kernel mechanism. It provides rich functions for the development of strong real-time applications and a reliable operating environment for robot motion planning. The Atomrobot control system is developed based on the ROS+OROCOS platform and is the only control system dedicated to parallel robots in China.

02Control system based on ROS+OROCOS platform

On the basis of the ROS platform, the robot control system integrates event-driven architecture and layered architecture to perform robot control and operation application processing modules, such as vision systems, robot motion control centers, human-computer interaction interfaces, etc. Use ROS topics and services between For communication, the deployment and interaction coupling of modules are low, which is easy to develop and maintain. In the same way, ROS encapsulates the hardware of the robot. Different robots and different sensors can be expressed in the same way in ROS (topic, etc.) for the upper-level application (motion planning, etc.) to call.



03Ethercat communication main stack based on Acontis

The real-time industrial fieldbus communication protocol based on the Ethernet-based development framework is one of the fastest industrial Ethernet technologies, providing nanosecond-level precise synchronization. It has the characteristics of high performance, flexible topology, easy application, low cost, and high-precision equipment synchronization.

Core Technology


Vision system

AtomVision provides efficient object recognition and positioning functions, including a variety of target recognition algorithms, to provide accurate target positions for robot motion. Contains a variety of practical tools, easy to set up and debug, and provides a friendly operation interface for debuggers, has been widely used in many practical projects.


01 Cross-platform Vision System

Support windows/linux cross-platform applications, which can realize visual application deployment on different platforms

02 Multiple Target Recognition Algorithms

Support Blob, template matching, character QR code recognition, workpiece positioning and other detection methods



03 Simple and quick user interface operation

According to user habits, develop quick operation interfaces for grayscale, objects, and processes. At the same time, it provides user operation functions such as camera angle, pixel ratio calculation, 9-point teaching, and multiple client/server support.