Cartoning of Oral Liquid Bottle

the feeding be convoyered to vision area
Recongnized and inspected by vision, transfer signal to robot
High speed tracked, picked and placed into slots
Single automation completed

Speed 30 ppm/2 sets
Save 2 labors
Efficiency + 120%
ROI:11 months

● 01 Packing Machine Output
● 02 visual Inspection
● 03 Robotic Vacuum Nest
● 04 Cartoning

Sorting of Blister Table

The incoming material is triggered by the sensor, and the code value is recorded by the encoder to pack to medicine board in a bag, and unit weight 15g.
The products have been arranged without visual positioning. The moving distance is measured and calculated by the encoder + photo-electric.
The delta robot grabs according to the sensor code value and places it in the stepping conveyor.
The single process is completed

● Speed 120 ppm/set
● One robot saves 2 labors
● Efficiency + 100%
● ROI:12 months

● 01 Secondary Sterilization of Materials
● 02 Robotic Pick and Place Solution
● 03AI Visually Recognizes the Position of Stacked Materials
● 04 Traying