D3PM-1200-P25 Delta Robot

D3PM-1200-P25 Delta Robot


the high-speed delta(spider) robot with classic configuration of our latest products to ensure efficient handling and sorting of light and small scattered materials. Our products are designed for high-speed production operations in various industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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1、 Delta(spider) robots meet the demands of high speed and minimal volume, with standard cycle times of less than 0.67 seconds. The bottom design of the rotary servo motor enables high-precision rotary operation, ensuring your production process is seamless and efficient.

2、XYZ axes in three-dimensional space, and can move and rotate around the Z axis. This capability, combined with a high-precision machine vision system, enables accurate and efficient handling and sorting of small and lightweight materials in your production line.

3、Ideal for assembling, handling and sorting heavier materials, making them ideal for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. The high speed capability of our products makes it stand out compared to conventional robots, ensuring your production line runs smoothly without any issues.

Product Parameters

Type D3PM-1200-P25
Axes 3+1
Payload 25kg
Manipulator Weight 143kg
Diameter 1200mm
Repeatability Position 0.05mm
Rotation 0.025°
Max Speed 260pp/min
Rotation Range ±360
Allowable Maximum Moment of Inertia 0.224kg .m2
Angle Range of Actuated Arm  Up 33.8º
Down 87.8º
Power Supply Three-Phase 380VAC -10%~+10%, 49~61HZ
Power Capacity 15KVA
Rated Power 9.2kw
Storage Temperature -10℃~70℃
Work Environment -10℃~50℃,RH≤80%
Protection IP55

Product Drawing

01.Dimensions and Working range(mm)


02. Flange(mm)


03.Base installation(mm)


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