D2-1300-P15 Delta Robot

D2-1300-P15 Delta Robot


The bottom gray part is the workplace of the center point of bottom surface of moving platform, which is composed of a cylinder at the top and a circular trun- cated cone at the bottom.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Characteristic


1、The standard cycle time is less than 0.66s, meeting your pursuit for the maximum speed and the large load.

2、Advanced design of planar parallel mechanism, make the robot get high speed movement at low cost.

3、The robot is ideal for high-speed production in food and medicine industry. Widely used in assembly, handling and pick-and-place of small materials.

Product Parameters

Type D2-1300-P15
Axes 2
Payload 15kg
Manipulator Weight 60kg
Diameter 1300mm
Repeatability Position 0.05mm
Rotation - - -
Max Speed 300pp/min
Rotation Range - - -
Allowable Maximum Moment of Inertia - - -
Angle Range of Actuated Arm  Up 25º
Down 77º
Power Supply Three-Phase 380VAC -10%~+10%, 49~61HZ
Power Capacity 10KVA
Rated Power 6kw
Storage Temperature -10℃~70℃
Work Environment -10℃~50℃,RH≤80%
Protection IP55

Product Drawing

01.Dimensions and Working range(mm)


02. Flange(mm)


03.Base installation(mm)


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