SH800 Scara Robot

SH800 Scara Robot

Introduce Atomrobot have develop SH800 SCARA robot is a special planar joint robot developed for high-speed sorting of light and small materials. It has four degrees of freedom in three directions of translation along XYZ and rotation around the Z axis.

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1. The high-speed Japanese servo motor brings up to 200ppm of running tempo.

2. Customized one-arc-minute reducer to ensure repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.05mm.

3. Equipped with synchronous belt and synchronous pulley imported from Germany, it brings more than 2 years of maintenance-free and precision maintenance time.

Product Parameters

Type SH800
Axes 4
Payload 2kg
Manipulator Weight 60kg
Diameter 800mm
Repeatability Position 0.05mm
Max Speed 200pp/min
Allowable Maximum Moment of Inertia 31 ×10-4kg .m2
Working Range 1 Axis ±110º
2 Axis ±130º
3 Axis ±150mm
4 Axis ±360º
Power Supply Three-Phase 380VAC -10%~+10%, 49~61HZ
Power Capacity 3KVA
Rated Power 2.2kw
Storage Temperature -10℃~70℃
Work Environment -10℃~50℃,RH≤80%
Protection IP55

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