Atomrobot have attended Rockwell Asia-Pacific PartnerNetwork Conference 2023

Atomrobot have attended Rockwell Asia-Pacific PartnerNetwork Conference 2023

Rockwell Asia-Pacific PartnerNetwork Conference 2023 have been organized in JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia at May 24 -25. There were more than 350 elites from Japan, South Korea, India and other countries from Southeast-Asia countries. Atomrobot have attended it as technical partner, also silver sponsors.

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Mr. Leo Zhang, Sales Manager of international deapartment in Atomrobot had a meeting with Mr. Scott Wooldridge(Chairman of the Asia Pacific in Rockwell). Mr. Zhang have introduced Mr. Wooldridge our delta robot and scara robot which used in automatic packaging, sorting and assembly etc.. also there were many other system integrator, distributor consult our automatic technology and case videos.

the Asian-Pacific region is the most active enconomic area in the world. so it is most concerned by atomrobot.

Atomrobot as a leader manufacturer of automatic enquipment. we had started to expand business in oversea market.

As the report from a independent third part, shows that Atomrobot has take the biggest marketing share(20.9%) in China. At the same time, our business from international market is growing fastly too.

To face more competitors in international market, Atomrobot will spend more resources on research, and extend more applications. Providing our customers more lighter manipulater, more faster speed, more accurater positioning, and more smoother motion.

Delta robot or someone call spider robot from Atomrobot, have been used in food industry, phamarceutical, and persional care ect.. also used in 3C, battery, and new energy.

Post time: Jun-27-2023