Wuxi Investment Delegation Visited Atomrobot

Wuxi Investment Delegation Visited Atomrobot

On October 26, Wang Xiaomeng, director of the Yangjian Town Investment Service Center in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Gu Jianxin, chief of the Science and Technology Section of the Yangjian Town People's Government, Wu Kai, deputy director of the Yangjian Town Investment Service Center, Dai Yue from Xishan Financial Investment, Aviation Industry Wang Shouwen from Honghua Fund and others visited Astro Boy Robot’s Tianjin headquarters for inspection and exchange. Astro Boy Robot CMO Shi Fengcai led his team to warmly receive him.


The purpose of this inspection is to explore how Astro Boy Robots and Wuxi City can deepen cooperation and jointly plan high-quality development of the local economy. At the symposium, the two parties had an in-depth understanding of Astro Robot's corporate strategic positioning, business segments, business models, resource integration, etc., and visited the production workshop of Astro Robot's Tianjin headquarters to discuss aspects such as project promotion, element guarantee, and expanded cooperation. Carry out in-depth exchanges.


The delegation highly appreciated Astro Robot’s experience and achievements in the field of industrial automation, recognized Astro Robot’s outstanding performance in corporate philosophy, business planning and brand building, and said that Wuxi has a strong industrial foundation and obvious location advantages. The business environment is excellent. We hope that through this inspection and docking, we can further strengthen communication, enhance understanding, and promote the implementation of projects.


Shi Fengcai said that Wuxi's good industrial foundation and active business environment are impressive and are fertile ground for investment and business. He hopes to use this inspection as an opportunity to find focus points for cooperation and carry out pragmatic cooperation at a deeper level.
Following the inspection of Astro Robot's Tianjin headquarters, the inspection team will continue to go to Astro Robot's Kunshan factory for in-depth investigation today.

Wuxi investment delegation visited Astro Boy Robot for inspection and exchange

Post time: Nov-06-2023