Waiting for you at The 23rd China International Industry Fair

Waiting for you at The 23rd China International Industry Fair


With the development of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot technology takes an important role in various industries.

Delta robot-one of industrial robots which is a robot system with multiple joints. It consists of multiple mechanical arms connected through joints. By controlling the movement of each mechanical arm, it can achieve precise control of objects in the working space operation.


As an expert in high-speed pick and place robots, Atomrobot is one of the first domestic companies to enter the delta robot(spider robot) track and continue to develop it. The company's current main products are delta robot(spider robot), controller, vision system, collaborative robot and complete packaging solution. The "core products" - "High-speed Delta Robot" and "High-speed SCARA Robot" are developed based on high-speed motion control technology. On the application, the company has different expectations for the two categories.



Atomrobot's high-speed delta robot focuses on "high speed, high precision, high durability and high stability". The maximum speed can reach 600ppm and the repeatability accuracy is ±0.02mm. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, dairy products, 3C, and automobiles. Spare parts and other fields. Up to now, the company has launched more than 60 standard delta robot models, which fully reach the working range 450mm-2600mm and payload range 0-50kg. In order to meet the use of special scenarios, it also supports fully customized design and production. Among them, Atomrobot D3 flagship version is the most classic and best-selling.


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Atomrobot's high-speed SCARA series robots are new products launched in 2021. Based on the inheritance of high-speed parallel genetic advantages, this series of robots has significant advantages over traditional SCARA robot in terms of speed execution, movement accuracy, and stability. With core advantages such as "high speed, accuracy, stability and reliability", "heavy payload, modularity, and high protection level", it can easily complete the "large, fast, stable and accurate" handling and sorting of production line materials, especially suitable for new energy lithium batteries, photovoltaics and medical care. In other fields, it forms complementary advantages with high-speed parallel robots. The product has a maximum speed of 240ppm, a repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.02mm, a maximum load of 8.4kg, and a maximum protection level of IP67.

Currently, Atomrobt's high-speed SCARA robot which is manufactured in Kunshan jiangsu province, has officially entered mass production.

Post time: Sep-14-2023