“On the tip of the tongue” Digital Intelligent Production

“On the tip of the tongue” Digital Intelligent Production

On August 24-25, "Digital Intelligence Empowers New Flavors" - the first summit forum on the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing of condiments and the study tour of intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises were successfully held in Beijing and Tianjin. The meeting is guided by China Condiment Association, hosted by Machinery and Equipment Committee of China Condiment Association, and undertaken by Atomrobot, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., Sidel Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Evergreen Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

The meeting first held a ceremony for the addition of members of the leading body of the Machinery and Equipment Professional Committee of the China Condiment Association. A total of two new deputy directors and three deputy secretaries were added.


At the same time as the conference, Hu Tianyi, Sales Director of Atomrobot in Northeast Region of China, shared a keynote speech titled "Towards New Technology, Food Can't Wait, Atomrobot can helps the Automation in Food and Condiment Industry". It said that Atomrobot series of intelligent equipment has the core advantages of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high stability. The company's equipment and system solutions have been widely used in many scenarios in the food/beverage/condiment industry, helping companies realize automation upgrades, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


With the vigorous development of the digital and intelligent economy, the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry is sweeping the entire industry.


The food, beverage, condiment, and brewing industries, which have traditional industries as their inherent impressions, have achieved a certain scale and standardization under the promotion of the "Made in China 2025" strategy, but they still face many difficult point in actual production:


  • . High labor cost and high production cost
  • . Inefficiency, production target lagging behind
  • . Consumers demand high quality and enterprises are under great pressure
  • .Many categories, changing formulas, and difficult management


The digital and intelligent transformation of the entire industry and the rapid changes in market development have forced traditional food and condiment companies to seek more intelligent and flexible high-quality development and transformation outlets in response to sudden market changes.


Facing the food industry, Atomrobot launched a targeted and efficient flexible manufacturing solution. Through the overall design of the hardware and software of the production line process, it integrated and drove the improvement of the production line efficiency, so as to efficiently respond to faster production and more efficient production. Short delivery cycle to meet customer needs.

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The significance of Atomrobot's intelligent manufacturing is to transform the data behind the robot into real and effective productivity. In the past, in industries such as food/beverage/condiment brewing, from the front end to the back end, it was usually composed of equipment with different functions. Production line planning focuses on the performance of the stand-alone equipment itself, while ignoring the synergy between the stand-alone and the front and rear processes, resulting in an "island" of automation.


To this end, based on the methodology accumulated in the field of high-speed motion control, Atomrobot has launched an efficient and flexible food manufacturing line solution combined with years of deep experience in the food industry. This set of solutions includes automation hardware ontology, software algorithms, electronic appliances, vision, and digitalization of the entire line, etc., to fully explore the integrated value of the entire line behind the stand-alone equipment through serial connection and connection, and promote the "automation island" to "cloud-edge integration" , seamless collaboration.


This provides a significant value-add for our customers. On most food production lines, the front and middle processes are basically produced by automated equipment, but the subsequent processes are still manually operated, which greatly restricts the production plan of the entire line. Atomrobot is introduced into the back-end process of the production line to directly perform high-speed sorting, handling, loading and unloading, palletizing, case packing for manual operations, which can greatly improve the automation and efficiency of the product production process. The degree of intelligence.


In the usual production line, combined with the front-end process, delta robot from atomrobot can easily perform 90-120 times/min. In addition, Atomrobot "bionic" visual technology can accurately identify products with multiple categories, specifications, different formulas and packaging in the food industry, improve the correct classification of products, and increase the pass rate... During the implementation process, With the help of cloud data, industry-solving technical capabilities, etc., Atomrobot's complete line solution can fully open up the connection ability between various processes and help improve efficiency. At the same time, due to the improvement of Atomrobot's own product technology, the amount of product maintenance has been greatly reduced, and the entire production cycle has been greatly shortened.


As a participant and promoter of intelligent manufacturing, Atomrobot relies on the innovation of high-speed motion control technology, taking advantage of the industry 4.0 manufacturing trend and continuously penetrating into various industries. next step, the company will rely on technological innovation and service capabilities to continue to promote more enterprises to achieve business value-added in the value chain of two-in-one integration, empowering production, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Post time: Aug-29-2023