How does Atomrobot’s 3D cavity multi-suction gripper work?

How does Atomrobot’s 3D cavity multi-suction gripper work?

How does Atomrobot’s 3D cavity multi-suction gripper work? Let’s take a look at the grabbing of the particle bags:

The 3D cavity multi-suction gripper is used for grabbing particle bags. The average grabbing speed can reach 120 bags/minute, effectively removing 2 people/set, and the overall efficiency is increased by 100%.

The gripper has a built-in telescopic cylinder. The so-called cylinder is a pneumatic actuator. Compressed air is used as the power, and the driving mechanism moves according to the set path. Atomrobot’s 3D cavity multi-suction gripper adopts double-acting cylinders, which alternately supply air from both sides of the piston, and rely on air pressure to push the piston to output force in one or two directions.

The double cylinders are installed in the 3D grip cavity, just like the car has the functions of engine and motor at the same time. When the motor is turned on, the engine starts, combined with the identification, positioning and detection of the Atomrobot robot vision system, the gripper can then focus on the particle bags within the visible range to ensure that they can be adsorbed according to the movement trajectory of the cylinder. Compared with previous grippers that can only pick up and put down 1-3 bags at a time, this storage suction cup can support stepless speed regulation, set the number of suckers as needed, and can suck up to 10 bags at the same time.

The overall number of suction bags of the 3D gripper depends on the depth of the cavity. The deeper the cavity, the more bags can be absorbed. In addition to the granular bags, it is also suitable for continuous stacking of light and small scattered materials in the daily chemical and food industries. Absorption, greatly improving efficiency and greatly reducing costs.

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Post time: Feb-01-2023